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Skid Steer Type Vehicle Safe Operation Module
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E Light Electric Employees that complete the modules and score an 80% or higher on the test will be issued a certificate of completion and a copy will be placed in their employee file.

In this module you will learn the requirements for operating a skid steer on our projects, the hazards of operating a skid steer and how to mitigate those hazards.

Click on the module below  to begin, complete the reading and then return here to complete  the test at the bottom. You must achieve a score of 80 percent or better in order to successfully complete the module.

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Skid Steer Safety Module Test
1.Equipment Inspection sheets must be
2.If the hydraulic tank is found to be low there probably is a hydraulic leak somewhere on the machine.
3.You need to move a bundle of 4”x8’ conduits. The attachment you should use is:
4.You should take the time to read the operators manual

5.Before digging you must call 811 and get utility locates
6.You can damage the side of a building with the bucket full and the back of the machine “skid steers”/swings into the building
7.If you ease in on the controls the greatest amount of torque is applied to the wheels or tracks
8.OSHA reported that between 1997 and 2007 - 100 accidents were recorded.  Bypassing safety features was the cause of 20% of these incidents with all but ____  ending in a fatality.
9.Sudden, jerky movements in the controls can result in

10.To drive to the left of an object ,traveling forward with the bucket or forks fully loaded,
--- The machine will:

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a. Turned in monthly
b. Completed weekly
c. Completed daily and turned in weekly
d. Completed daily, turned in weekly  and report and correct any deficiencies found
a. Pallet fork with the forks spread to the widest position and the forks tilted back
b. Regular bucket with the bucket tilted back to prevent the conduit from rolling off
c. Toothed bucket that way the conduit can ride on the teeth of the bucket
d. None of the above, just pack them by hand
a. Because with every manufacture the controls can be different
b. To familiarize yourself with the controls
c. To know the pre-operation checks and maintenance
d.  There are operating tips in the manual that can make you a better operator
e. All of the above
a. 24 hours before digging
b. 72 hours before digging
c. 96 hours before digging
d. Don't worry about it you are not digging that deep with a Skid Steer
a. True
b. False
a. True
b. False
a. 99
b. 100
c. 1
d. 0
a. Have the pivot point be just in front of the rear tires, with the bucket / fork making the greatest swing left.
b. Have the pivot point be just  behind the front tires and making the rear of the machine tail swing to the right.
c. Have the pivot point be just to the front of the rear tires with the bucket / fork making the greatest swing right.
d. Have the pivot point be just  behind the front tires and making the rear of the machine swing to the left.
a. True
b. False
a. Excessive wear or damage to the machine
b. Excessive wear or damage to you and your body
c. Loss of control of the machine
d. All of the above