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Testing and Troubleshooting Plans

by Ted Smith on 10/18/17

A testing and troubleshooting plan is required for all construction projects. The purpose of the testing and troubleshooting plan is to meet our corporate requirements of having a reviewed and approved written Energized Work Plan for all energized work. All projects will have to do some testing and troubleshooting and this will have to be done live. It becomes cumbersome to write our an Energized Work Plan each time you need to do some testing. We have provided you with an ability to meet OSHA and Corporate Requirements without being cumbersome. A Testing and Troubleshooting plan is written one time and reviewed and approved. It is a plan for how you will do all your testing and troubleshooting on site. After that is written and approved, all you will need to do is assign the personnel that will be allowed to do the testing and troubleshooting, put their names on the plan, have them read it and sign it and make sure they follow it for all testing and troubleshooting. After that, you are good to go. If they have to do more than just test and troubleshoot, they will have to stop and fill out an energized work permit for that work.

I suppose you dont really HAVE to write a testing and troubleshooting plan, as long as you are willing to do a full blown energized work permit and submit it for approval before each time you test circuitry.

Please make sure you have a Testing and Troubleshooting written and submitted for approval and use. PLEASE ALSO REMEMBER that all Testing and Troubleshooting plans are done on the Operations: Testing and Troubleshooting Plan iAuditor Template and Energed Work Permits are done on the Operations: Energized Work Permit iAuditor Template.

One more related item. The iAuditor templates are named such that if you put your Template Filter in Sort A-Z they will sort by category such as Operations, Safety, Quality, Daily, Weekly. ,Monthly etc.

The templates that are named Daily are the reports that you are required to use Daily. The templates that are named Weekly are the reports that you are required to do Weekly. The templates named Monthly are the reports that you are required to Monthly. Please take a look at all of these.

The other templates are reports that you will need or are required but they are based on circumstances typically.

There has been some suggestions from the field that we move the Job Hazard Analysis and the Installation Plan templates from the Operations category to the Daily Category because they are required on a Daily basis. We have made this change and you should see this change in your template list.

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