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Safety Tutorials

You may use these tutorials for instructional purposes. Use of these materials is done so with the understanding that E Light Electric Services or any contributors to the materials will not be help responsible for the content of the materials. These materials are provided as a guideline and foundation for training. You need to research the material and tailor the information to your needs.

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E Light Electric Employees that complete the modules and score an 80% or higher on the test will be issued a certificate of completion and a copy will be placed in their file.

In this module you will learn the requirements for operating a UTV or buggie on our projects, the hazards of operating a UTV and how to mitigate those hazards.

Click on the module below  to begin, complete the reading and then return here to complete  the test at the bottom. You must achieve a score of 80 percent or better in order to successfully compelte the module.

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UTV "Buggy" Safety
UTV "Buggy" Safety
Utility Type Vehicle (UTV) "Buggy" Safe Operation Test
1During your daily inspection you find a unsafe condition with the UTV you should;
2To start the UTV in cold weather you should
3       Damage to the engine will occur if a diesel engine machine is filled and drove with gasoline
4You are the driver and responsible that
5You need to cross a ravine or depression.  You should
6There has been a recent rain storm and now what was a dry creek bed now has fast running water.
7You need to take a wire puller and all your tool out on site you should
8In dry, dusty condition attention needs to be given to the drive shaft and u joints
9You need to get a pile of sand out on the far end of the site to bed some pipe
10High speeds, sharp turns and sudden stops can cause the UTV to roll over, causing equipment damage and possible severe injury and even death.
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Safe Operation of a Utility Type Vehicle (UTV) "Buggy"
Training Department
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a. Drive it anyway that is what the last guy did
b. Remove the key, tag it out of service and report it to your supervisor
c. Document it on the inspection sheet and drive it anyway
d. Get some duct tape to fix it
a. True
b. False
a. All passengers are in a seat with the seat belt fastened
b. There is no one with their legs or arms outside the vehicle
c. You do not permit horseplay 
d. All of the above
a. Cross through at an angle to minimize the slope
b. Put on the brakes and turn just before the bottom
c. Brake gently and frequently going down and keep the wheels straight down and back up
d. Turn mid-way up the slope to get traction 
a. Cross at full power so the engine does not stall
b. Cross slowly to find out how deep it is
c. Proceed slowly and carefully only if the water level is less than 6"
d. Proceed slowly and carefully only if the water does not go over the tires
a. Check the load capacity of the UTV
b. Calculate the total weight to be loaded (including driver and passengers)
c. Be sure the load is evenly distributed and secured
d. All of the above
a. True
b. False
a. True
b. False
a. Crank on it till the battery goes dead
b. Start vehicle in neutral with choke engaged
c. If engine does not start within 5 seconds, turn the key off and wait 10 seconds before next attempt
d. Do both b and c
a. Use the UTV only if it is equipped with a power lift and has the load capacity
b. Load to the rear of the cargo box so it will dump easily
c. Release the lever on the cargo box and lift by hand slowly
d.  Back the UTV with the wheels to the edge of the trench then dump