You may use these safety tutorials for instructional purposes. The use of these materials is done so with the understanding that E Light Electric Services or any contributors to the materials will not be held responsible for the content of the materials. These materials are provided as a guideline and foundation for training. You need to research the material and tailor the information to your needs.

The following fifteen (15) topics are found below:
- Electrical Safety Policy
- NFPA 70E Introduction

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You can now earn your Ramset Powder Actuated Safety Certification online. Click on image above to go to the Ramset website, Click on 'BEGIN THE COURSE' in the lower right hand portion of the web page. Take the test at the end of the presentation. You will then be given instructions on how to obtain your card. Once you have completed the course and received your card, send a copy to the E Light Electric Office, attention Jim Smith at
E Light Electric employees are required to complete this module once per year or attend a classroom asbestos awareness class each year.
E Light Electric employees are required to complete this module prior to Dec. 1, 2013 or attend classroom training before that date. 
E Light employees are required to complete this module once per year or attend a classroom Valley Fever Awareness class each year if they are assigned to a solar field project of if they anticipate they will be assigned to a solar field poroject.
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Safety Training Tutorials
Valley Fever Awareness Program (Required for Assignment to Solar Project)
Asbestos and Lead Based Product Awareness Training (Required Annually)
Required Global Harmonization System Training for the New HazComm Requirements (Required for all New Hires)
Safe Operation of a Utility Type Vehicle (UTV) "Buggy"
E Light Electric Employees must successfully complete this module before operating a UTV on an E Light Electric job site.
Safe Operation of a Skid Steer
E Light Electric Employees must successfully complete this module before operating a Skid Steer on an E Light Electric job site.
Basic Introduction to Fall Protection and Ladder Safety
Introduction to Electrical Safety
Introduction to NFPA 70E and Arc Blast
Basic Rigging
Safety and The Supervisor
Ramset Powder Actuated Tool Safety Training (Required before operating a Powder Actuated Tool)
Electrical Energized Work Temporary Certification (Required for all Journeyman Level Field Employees until such time as they can complete the Classroom Energized Electrical Training Program)
This module explains the hazards of energized electrical work, the NFPA 70E, the Electrical Safety Program and how to mitigate electrical hazards.

There are two portions associated with this module:
1)- Electrical Safety Policy
2)- NFPA 70E Introduction
You must score 80% on the test associated with each portion in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion.

Completing this certification will allow you to work on energized parts as a Journeyman Electrician until such time as you can complete the next available Energized Work Practices Class.
OSHA Regulations for Hand and Power Tools
This module covers CFR 1926 Subpart I - Hand and Power Tools
Avoiding Heat Related Injuries ( Required Annually)
This module explains the hazards of working outdoors and how to avoid heat related injuries.
Forklift Safety Module
This module covers the safe operation of forklifts on construction projects.

E Light Electric Employees must successfully complete this module before operating a Forklift on an E Light Electric job site.
E Light Electric employees that complete each module and score an 80% or higher on the associated test will be issued a certificate of completion. A copy of the certificate will be placed in your employee file.
To begin, select one of the fifteen (15) topics below and click on the image associated with the topic. Read all of the topic material, take the test and click on the 'Submit' button. You should receive your test results within 1 - 2 business days. Please contact Alexandra Stenulson at if you have not received confirmation of your test results after 3 business days.

NOTE: Always use a computer to submit your test, There are known issues with submitting a test using a Smart Phone. Successful transmission is not always guaranteed. As a precaution keep a copy of your answers until you receive acknowledgement of your test score in case you have to resubmit the test.
E Light Electric employees are required to complete this module once per year or attend a classroom silica awareness class each year.
Annual Silica Hazard Awareness Training (Required Annually)
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Employee Training Requirements
This is an except from the SHEP Training Requirments Policy. You can view the entire document by clicking on the Safety Manual button in the Menu.

All Employees shall complete the following safety training:
• New Hire Orientation at Hire
• Site Orientation upon assignment to a site.
• Asbestos Awareness Training- Annually
• Lead Based Products Awareness Training- Annually
• Valley Fever Awareness Training- Annuallyif assigned to a Solar Field Project
• Safety, Health and Environmental Updates Training- As needed
• Topical Safety Briefings- Weekly
• Job Hazard Analysis Briefings- Daily
• Specific Task Training- As Needed
• Supplemental Safety Training- As Needed

All management and supervision employees shall complete the following additional
training programs:
• E University Module Plan of Tomorrow Meeting and The E Light Way
• E University Module Introduction to Lean Construction
• E University Module Last Planner Method of Construction Management
• Safety Training Module Introduction to Electrical Safety- Annually
• E University Module Understanding Sexual Harassment- Annually
• Drug Awareness and Substance Abuse Recognition Training- Annually
• Defensive Driving- Annually