Making Reliable Promises Module
The E Light University is a program designed to help educate our employees in business, project management, supervision, personnel management, Lean construction practices, LEED building practices and the E Light Way. We will offer individual models so that you can seek out education in topics that interest you and we will also be developing certification programs so that you can earn certificates in Lean Construction, Supervision, Customer Relations and more.

This module will introduce you to reforming project management: The role of reliable promises. In this module we will explore how to make and use reliable promises in conjunction with the last planner concepts in order to better manage and coordinate our projects. The reading for this module is the white paper written by Hal Macomber and Greg Howell titled " Reforming Project Management: The Role of Reliable Promises."

Please click on the link below to be directed to the Introduction to Contracts Module. Review the information contained in the module. When you have completed the module click on the link at the end of the module and you will be redirected back to this page.


Complete the 10 question test below and submit your answers.  You must fill out all fields before clicking on the 'Submit' button.

A certificate of completion will be issued to you if you score 80% or greater on the test. If you are an E Light Electric employee the original certificate of completion will be placed in your employee file. Certificates of completion for non-E Light Electric employees will be sent to the job site safety manager and kept on file for the duration of the project.

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Director of Safety and Loss Prevention
Making Reliable Promises Module Test
1. The purpose of making reliable promises is to _____________________________________.
2. Goals should be ______________________ and achievable.
3. Which of the following are not one of the items included in developing project planning that produces a sequence of work that continuously flows as a value stream?
4. ___________________________________________ in customer terms describe what must be present for the customer to say Thank You.
5.Any delay in declaring complete can cause a ___________________________.
6. ___________________________________________ are an opportunity for re-engaging the team in the possibility of the project
7. The absence of reliable promises explains why on well-run projects people are only completing ______________________ percent of the work they plan to complete one week in advance.
8. Supervisors need to as is my crew able to do what they are asked to do before making a promise.
9.  Project teams need to repeatedly remind themselves of _______________________________.
10. Offering the opportunity to ____________________ is the number one action a requestor can take to secure a sincere promise.
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Please enter the job site name.
A. improve employee relations
B. improve customer relations
C. complete the project as intended
D. improve the corporate image
A. specific
B. detailed
C. purposeful
D. fulfilling
A. coordination with a primavera schedule developed by a trained scheduler
B. a detailed statement of the client's conditions of satisfaction
C. desired work sequence of how the project will be organized as a value stream
D. detalied look ahead plan for letting work flow.
A. sincerity
B. conditions of satisfaction
C. a good salesman
D. a quality plan
A. breakdown of management
B. breakdown of communication
C. a delay in the start of other work
D. a OSHA violation
A. Project review
B. Leadership training
C. Employee discussion groups
D. Sub contractors meetings
B. 40-50
C. 50-60
D. 60-70
A. True
B. False
A. who is in charge
B. who they work for
C. what they are there to accompllish
D. the completion date
A. succeed
B. advance
C. be praised
D. decline