We have provided this 100 question practice journeyman examination. Print the test, take it on paper and download the answer sheet and score yourself. I recommend that you set a place where you can take the test uninterupted. Set a 4 hour timer for yourself and try to simulate the conditions of the real test as much as possible. Use the multiple pass through method we have taught you and work through the test. This will give you the best evaluation. 

We have divided the test into ten (10) categories for better evaluation purposes.  We have limited the categories to the National Electric Code.

The ten (10) categories are:
1. Services- S
2. Conductors and Cables- C
3. Raceways and Boxes-R
4. Equipment and Panelboards-E
5. Feeders and Branch Circuits-F
6. Motors and Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor Systems-M
7. Grounding-G
8. Luminaries-L
9. Special Occupancies and Conditions-O
10. Calculations and Computations-8

Select the best possible answer for each question.

For the purposes of evaluation, try to limit your self to no more that three minutes per question except calculations. Attempt to answer every question.

We allow everyone to use this test, but the features of evaluation and customized training are available to only E Light Electric Services employees.

Ted "Smitty" Smith Sr.
Director of  Education and Loss Prevention
Use this test to evaluate your ability to answer questions for the residential wireman's, journeyman's or masters examination. The answer key provides the answers, code references and the category reference for each question so that you can evaluate yourself and determine the areas which you should focus your preparation on.
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Answers with Code References and Categories for Eval Test
Answers with Code References and Categories for Eval Test
Evaluation and Practice Test
Evaluation and Practice Test
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