We have provided this 100 question practice journeyman examination. I recommend that you print the test, take it on paper and then return to this site and answer the questions. Your answers are not saved once you navigate from this page.

We have divided the test into ten (10) categories for better evaluation purposes.  We have limited the categories to the National Electric Code.

The ten (10) categories are:
1. Services- S
2. Conductors and Cables- C
3. Raceways and Boxes-R
4. Equipment and Panelboards-E
5. Feeders and Branch Circuits-F
6. Motors and Hermetic Refrigerant Compressor Systems-M
7. Grounding-G
8. Luminaries-L
9. Special Occupancies and Conditions-O
10. Calculations and Computations-8

Select the best possible answer for each question and then fill out the requested information at the end of the test. Click the 'Submit' button and we will send you an answer key with the correct answers alongside your submitted answers. We will attempt to answer you in one business day, but please patient as we have limited staff.

For the purposes of evaluation, try to limit your self to no more that three minutes per question except calculations. Attempt to answer every question. Remember, this is an evaluation and we will use the data to determine how to customize your training.

We allow everyone to use this test, but the features of evaluation and customized training are available to only E Light Electric Services employees.

Ted "Smitty" Smith Sr.
Director of  Education and Loss Prevention
1. When are you required to use an approved electrically conductive corrosion resistance compound on conduit  threads?
2. Carnival and circus overhead wiring outside of tents and concession areas where the voltage-to-ground does not exceed 150V shall maintain a vertical clearance of ____________ above platforms, projections or surfaces from which they might be reached.
3. Class III locations are those that are hazardous because of the presence of _______________.
4. What is the feeder or service demand load for two 3 kW ranges?
5. If the transfer switch for a portable generator switches the ___________________ conductor, then the portable generator shall be grounded in accordance with NEC Article 250.30.
6. Service conductors shall be considered outside when run under the building if installed in conduit and buried ______________ under earth.
7. Under a raised floor in an Information Technology Equipment room, liquidtight flexible non-metallic conduit shall be permitted to enclose branch-circuit conductors for information technology communication equipment.  True or False
8. A feeder for a motor circuit shall have a protective device with a rating or setting  ________________  the largest rating of the  branch-circuit short-circuit and ground-fault protective device for any motor in the group, plus the sum of the full load currents of the other motors of the group.
9. The purpose of 60/120V power systems is to reduce objectionable noise in areas containing sensitive electronic equipment. Its use is restricted to ________________ occupancies that are under close supervision by qualified personnel.
10. What is the feeder or service demand load for a kitchen/service area equipped with a waste disposal (940VA), dishwasher (1,250VA), water heater (4,500VA) and a trash compactor (1,100VA)?
11. The outer metal sheath of interlocked MC cable is not listed as an acceptable grounding return path; however, if the interlocked MC cable contains an insulated 12 AWG or larger equipment grounding conductor, it can be used to supply branch circuits in patient care areas of health care facilities.   True or False
12. A branch circuit voltage that exceeds 277 volts to ground and does not exceed 600V between conductors is used to wire the auxiliary equipment of electrical discharge lamps mounted on poles. The minimum height of these luminaries shall not be less than __________.
13. When sizing a pull box in a straight run which contains conductors 4 AWG or larger, the length of the pull box shall not be less than ____________times the diameter of the largest raceway for systems not over 600 volts nominal. 
14. A 480V, three-phase service is fed by an overhead service drop. The service drop crosses the alleyway behind the building. What is the minimum clearance that must be maintained between the service drop and the alleyway ground?
15. Water heaters having a capacity of ___________ gallons or less shall have a branch-circuit rating not less than 125% of the nameplate rating of the water heater.
16. A single device consisting of multiple receptacles comprised of _____________ or more receptacles shall be computed at not less than 90 VA per receptacle.
17. Energized parts of service equipment shall be _______________________ so that they will not be exposed to accidental contact or they shall be guarded.
18. Round boxes shall not be used with any wiring connector when a locknut or bushing is connected to the side of the box. True or False
19. Dwelling unit or mobile home feeder conductors not over 400A can be sized according to 310.15(B)(6). True or False
20. The additional service disconnecting means for a fire pump must be installed in the same location and grouped together with the main service disconnect. 
21. Motors shall be located so that adequate ____________ is provided and so that maintenance, such as lubrication of bearings and replacing of brushes, can be readily accomplished.
22. The minimum point of attachment of the service-drop conductors to a building shall in no case be less than _________________.
23. No overcurrent device shall be inserted in a(n) _________________ conductor except a circuit breaker  that simultaneously opens all conductors of the circuit in service equipment.
24. The ampacity of branch-circuit conductors and the rating or setting of overcurrent protective devices supplying fixed electric heating equipment for pipelines and vessels shall not be less than __________________ percent of the total load of the heaters.
25. Wherever NM cable passes through factory or field openings in metal members, it must be protected by ________________________ bushings or grommets that cover the metal edges.
26. Fixture wires 18 AWG TFFN are rated for ________________.
27. The requirement for maintaining a three-foot vertical clearance from the edge of the roof shall not apply to the final conductor span where the conductors are attached to ________________.
28. Ground fault protection is required for solidly grounded wye electrical services for more than ___________ volts to ground but not exceeding ___________ volts phase-to-phase for each disconnect rated 1000 amperes or more.
29. An electrician determining the box fill for a two-gang plastic nail on box that is 2 1/8" deep will use the cubic inch volume of a four square deep box for the purposes of box fill determination.
30. IGS cable is a factory assembly of one or more conductors, each individually insulated and enclosed in a loose-fit, nonmetallic flexible conduit as an integrated gas spacer cable rated ____________________ volts.
31. The 125V, battery back-up smoke detector circuit for the bedroom of a single family dwelling shall be protected by an AFCI. True or False
32. Transformers of more than ______________ rating shall be installed in a transformer room of fire-resistant construction.
33. Plaster, drywall, or plasterboard surfaces that are broken or incomplete shall be repaired so there will be no gaps or open spaces greater than ___________ mm at the edge of a box or fitting.
34. ______________ is a type of multi-conductor cable permitted for use as an underground service-entrance cable.
35. What is the minimum demand load for five 5 kW cook tops, two 4 kW ovens and four 7 kW ranges?
36. Fixed electric space-heating equipment requiring supply conductors with an insulation rated over ________ shall be clearly and permanently marked.
37. On fixed stage equipment, portable or strip luminaries and connector strips shall be wired with conductors having an insulation rating suitable for the temperature but not less than __________________. 
38. What is the demand on the  feeder neutral of an apartment complex of  ten,  5 kW household dryers? The apartment complex has a 240 V, single-phase service.
39. A fuel cell system shall be evaluated and __________________ for its intended application prior to installation.
40. A hermetic motor-compressor controller shall have both a continuous-duty full load current and a  _______________ current rating not less than the respective rating(s) on the compressor.
41. Can type MC cable be used to feed a luminaire rated over 600 Volts that is installed in a highway tunnel?
42. The minimum sized service-drop conductor permitted by the Code is ________________ AWG copper or ______________ AWG aluminum or copper clad aluminum.
43. The outer sheath of MI cable is made of _________________.
44. Service conductors that are not encased in concrete and buried 18" or more below grade shall have their location identified by a warning ribbon placed in the trench at least ________________ above the underground installation.
45. THHN circuit conductors that operate at 277V may not occupy the same enclosure or raceway containing conductors that operate at 48V dc that have a 300V insulation rating.  True or False
46. The patient care area is any portion of a health care facility, including the business offices, corridors, lounges, day rooms, dining rooms or similar areas. True or False
47. A luminaire may be wall-mounted on a standard box providing it is no larger than 16" in diameter. True or False
48. An intentionally constructed, permanent, low-impedance electrically conductive path designed and intended to carry current under-fault conditions from the point of a ground fault on a wiring system to the electrical supply source is a definition of:
49. What is the maximum time period that decorative lighting used for Halloween may be installed and used? 
50. In non-residential use, what is the maximum overcurrent protection for 2 AWG RHW aluminum conductors with an ambient temperature of 88 degrees F?
51. The minimum clearance from storage space to the outside edge of a recessed, uncovered, fluorescent fixture in a closet is _______________________.
52. Motors with 50- and 60-Hz ratings shall be marked with a ___________________ designating the locked rotor kilovolt-ampere per horsepower on 60 Hz.
53. When installing multi-conductor cables in EMT, the fill capacity shall not exceed the allowable percentage of fill specified in ____________. 
54. In general, the neutral of a solidly grounded neutral system shall be permitted to be grounded at more than one point.   True or False
55. What is the total cooking equipment demand on the main service entrance for a single-family dwelling that is equipped with a single 2.1kW cooktop and one 4.9kW wall-mounted oven and one 4.8kW wall-mounted oven?
56. A single family dwelling must have at least ________________ 20 ampere branch circuits.
57. An unattended self-service gasoline station is required to have two emergency disconnects, what is the maximum distance from the dispenser that one of the disconnects may be located. 
58. What is the recommended sized overload  for a 10hp, single-phase AC motor operating on a 208V circuit? The nameplate rating of the motor is 51.6 amps. The motor has a marked service factor of  1.15.
59. What is the net computed load for a dwelling unit that is 200 square meters and has one kitchen?
60. Which of the following functions shall not be connected to the life safety branch circuits in a hospital:
61. A molded case switch rated in amperes shall be permitted as a controller for all motors, including design _______.  
62. What is the total cooking equipment demand on the main service entrance for an apartment complex that has 55 units? Each apartment is equipped with a 3.1kW cooktop and two 3.55kW wall mounted ovens.
63. Exposed vertical risers from fixed equipment in other than dwelling units shall be permitted to be supported at intervals not exceeding _______ meters, if the conduit is made up of threaded couplings, the conduit is firmly supported at the top and bottom of the riser, an no other means of intermediate support is readily available.
64. The radius of a bend made in liquidtight flexible metal conduit shall be measured to the  ______________ conduit. 
65. In general, when installing a motor in one location and the motor controller in another location that are not within sight of each other, the minimum number of disconnecting means means required is _____________.
66. A ballast in a fluorescent exit luminaire fixture ___________ be required to be thermally protected.
67. A snap switch is located within reach of earth ground and is not grounded with an equipment-grounding conductor and no means of grounding exists within the snap switch enclosure. In this situation, the snap switch must be equipped with a __________________.   
68. What is the minimum size type SO cord required to feed a 40 hp, 460 volt, three-phase, AC, wound rotor motor in an ambient temperature of 86 degrees F?
69. Heavy duty lighting track is lighting track identified for use exceeding ____________ amperes.
70. What is the minimum cooking equipment demand on the service entrance for a range that is rated at 16.9 kW?
71. The identification of circuits in the directory of a panelboard shall be such that each circuit is _______________ identified.
72. A panelboard equipped with a snap switches rated 20 amperes, 30 amperes and 40 amperes has an overcurrent protection in the form of a 250 ampere main breaker. Is this installation legal? 
73. What is the minimum required size copper equipment grounding conductor for a 15 ampere branch circuit installed in rigid metal conduit that supplies a swimming pool motor?
74. At least one entrance not less than 24 inches wide and 6.5 feet high shall be provided to give access to the working space about the electric equipment. Where the entrance has personnel doors, the doors shall:
75. What is the minimum size common grounding electrode copper conductor needed to run through a building to four , 480V to 208/120V, three-phase transformers? Each transformer has a 3/0 AWG copper secondary phase conductor.
76. What is the maximum-sized over-current device which can be used to protect the feeders for a circuit that supplies three 50 ampere at 30 duty cycle arc welders and four variable-duty, automatically fed, 100 ampere resistance welders? All of the welders are rated at 75 degrees C, and THHN conductors will be used.
77. 12 AWG, THHN conductors installed in EMT which passes over a ceiling that is heated with electric space heating cable and having a clearance of 3 inches shall have their ampacity reduced to _____________.
78. The emergency controls for attended self-service stations shall be located no more than ___________ from the gasoline dispensers.
79. The purpose of the equipotential plane is to prevent a difference in voltage within the plane in an agricultural building area.  True or False
80. It permissible to supply a mobile home that is factory-equipped with gas or oil-fired central heating equipment and cooking appliances with a listed mobile home power-supply cord rated ________.
81. The ampacity requirements for a disconnecting means for x-ray equipment shall be based on the greater of _______ percent of the input required for the momentary rating or 100 percent of the input required for the long-time rating.
82. A center pivot irrigation machine may have hand-portable motors.   True or False
83. What is the minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor required for a 400 ampere branch circuit? The ungrounded conductors are sized using an adjusted value from the 90 C column of T310.16. The ungrounded conductors were then up-sized from 500 kcmil to 750 kcmil.
84. The voltage at the line terminals of a fire-pump motor controller  (controller rated voltage) shall not drop more than _____________ percent below normal (controller-rated voltage) under motor-starting conditions.
85. What is the maximum-sized separate overload device that can be used to protect a 480V, 20 hp, three-phase induction motor? The motor has a nameplate full-load current of 22.8A and a marked service factor of 1.12. Assume the motor will experience no problems with start-up after the overloads are installed.
86. In general, an equipment bonding jumper installed on the outside of a raceway may not exceed:
87. The grounding conductor for a coaxial cable protector shall be:
88. When a portable generator is used for a portable optional standby source and is not considered a separately derived system, what shall the equipment-grounding conductor be bonded to?
89. Service entrance conductors shall be considered outside the building if they are installed in conduit and covered with at least  _______ mm of earth.  
90. Automatically operated doors used for building egress in a hospital shall be supplied from the ___________________.
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NEC, The Code and 2014 Code are references to the National Electric Code. The National Electric Code is published by the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269. The National Electric Code and NEC are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association.
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91. What is the minimum size equipment ground for a 5 hp, 3 phase 208 V motor with 20 ampere overload protection and 30 ampere duel element time delay fuse short circuit protection?
92. How many grounded conductors may terminate in the same lug in a panelboard if the grounded conductors are not a part of a parallel run.
93. What is the ampacity rating of each copper conductor when installing five 10/2 with ground MC cables bundled together for a length of four feet? The equipment in the circuit is rated at 90 degrees Centigrade.
94. What is the maximum size overcurrent device required to protect 14 AWG conductors used for a pump motor circuit that is protected by the motor branch-circuit protection? The circuit extends beyond the enclosure. 
95. What is the maximum size solid ungrounded conductor that may be installed in a raceway?
96. A three-phase 480V to 208/120V transformer is configured delta-wye. The secondary line current on the transformer is 178.6 amperes. What is the secondary phase current?
97. A three-phase 480V to 208/120V transformer is configured delta-wye. The secondary line current on the transformer is 56.9 amperes. What is the primary line current?
98. A circuit that has a total resistance of 57 ohms and a current of 9 amps will produce a power of __________________ watts.
99. What is the line to line voltage drop on 480 volt three-phase ac system? The circuit conductors are 3/0 copper and are installed underground in schedule 80 rigid nonmetallic conduit. The circuit length is 116 meters one direction. The circuit has a full load current of 116.9 amperes.
100. A resistance reading is taken between two 18 AWG solid copper conductors. A fault exists between the two wires somewhere in a 200 foot conduit run. The reading is  1.2276 ohms. Approximately how far down the conduit is the fault located?
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Answers Key
Answers Key
Eval Test In Printed Format
Eval Test In Printed Format
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NEC, The Code and 2008 Code are references to the National Electric Code. The National Electric Code is published by the National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02269. The National Electric Code and NEC are registered trademarks of the National Fire Protection Association.
Evaluation Exam
In Class I areasIn Class II areasOn Field Cuts in corrosive areasIn Class III areas
Flammable GasesFlammable DustsEasily Ignitable FibersUnclassified Flammable Substance
4500 w5000 w3298 w5300 w
equal tonot greater thanless thannot in excess of
ResidentialCommercialIndustrialComemrcial and Industrial
7356 w3500 W8000 W5843 W
10 '15 '18 '22 '
CoolingVentilationDrainingNone of these
8 feet10 feet15 feet18 feet
The roofThe Service MastA House Boat MastThe Side of the Building
277 / 480120 / 240150 / 600208 / 480
0-600 Volts0-150 Volts0-10,000 Volts1,000-15,000 Volts
50 kVA75 kVA100.5 kVA112.5 kVA
1 mm2 mm3 mm5 mm
10.0 kW30.2kW26.0 kW19.5 kW
90 C50 C60 C75 C
75 C90 C100 C125 C
10.0 kW25.0 kW17.5 kW50.0 kW
Full Load AmpacityLocked Rotor Insulation AmpacityAluminum Substitue Ampacity
1/0 and 2/04 and 28 and 612 and 10
AluminumSteel AlloyCopperEither Steel Alloy or copper
6 "10"12"18"
Ground FaultEffective Ground Fault Return PathGoundingNone of these
30 Days60  days90 daysNo limit, Only Christmas Decorations are limited.
80 Amperes90 Amperes100 Amperes110 Amperes
Full Load CuurentNumber DesignationKilovolt-ampere ratingCode Letter
Table 4Table 5Table 8None of these
9257 va10,330 va7985 va11,800 va
20 feet40 feet50 feet100 feet
25 amperes40 amperes59.34 amperes64.5 amperes
2835 VA5835 VA6600 VA11100 VA
Illumination of EgressAdmin Office LightingExit SignsAlarm and Alerting Systems.
optimal phaseletter ENone of these
448.8 kW148.75 kW113.63 kW561 kW
Leading EdgeLagging EdgeCenterlineNone of these
ShallShall not
Metal FaceplateConductive FaceplateNon-conductive FaceplateCombustible Faceplate
15 amperes20 amperes30 amperes50 amperes
25.35 kW16.9 kW10 kW8.5 kW
YesNoDependent on the circumstances
14 AWG12 AWG10 AWG16 AWG
Remain Locked when not in useRemain sealed when under maintenanceRemain open when occupiedOpen in the direction of egress
4 AWG2 AWG3/0 AWG2/0 AWG
300 ampere800 ampere500 ampere600 ampre
30 a27.3 a24.6 a23.2 a
50 feet75 feet100 feet150 feet
25 a30 a40 a50 a
30 amperes26.22 amperes20.22 amperes15 amperes
8 feet6 feet4 feet3 feet
Long as possible3 feet7 feetShort as possible
Generator frame and the grounded conductorA grounding electrode onlyThe system grounding electrodeThe grounded conductor
Equipment BranchCritical BranchLife Safety BranchNone of these
17.5 amperes20 amperes30 amperes35 amperes
15 Amperes20 amperes45 amperes100 amperes
103.12 amperes178.6 amperes25.78 amperes44.65 amperes
98.55 amperes56.9 amperes24.64 amperes14.23 amperes
5.67 volts7.84 volts13.58 volts6.84 volts
40 feet80 feet100 feet160 feet