The E Light Electric on line training program is a program designed to help educate our employees in business, project management, supervision, personnel management, Lean construction practices, LEED building practices, safety and the E Light Way. We will offer individual modules so that you can seek out education in topics that interest you. We will also be developing programs so that you can earn Certificates of Completion in Lean Construction, Supervision, Customer Relations and more.

This module will introduce you to the OSHA regulations for the construction industry that apply to hand and power tools. This module is developed based on OSHA Regulations, CFR 1926 Subpart I.

Please click on the link below to be directed to the Hand and Power Tools OSHA module. The module is in the form of a powerpoint presentation. If you are unable to open the module please contact Scott Searles in IT or Ted Smith, Director of Safety and Lodd Prevention, for instructions on how to access the module. Review the information contained in the module. When you have completed the module , close the page and return here to take the test.

Complete the 10 question test below and submit your answers. Be sure to include your Name and e-mail address so that we can respond with your grade.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued and a copy placed in your E Light Electric personnel file if you score an 80% or greater on the test.  If you are not an E Light Electric employee the certificate will be emailed to the job site Safety Manager.

Thank you,

Ted "Smitty" Smith
Director of Safety and Loss Prevention
1.The OSHA regulations for hand and power tools applies only to those tools supplied by the employer. 
2. When power operated tools are designed to accomodate guards, they shall be equpped with such guards when in use.
3. OSHA does not regulate if tools equipped with cords can be lowered or hoisted by their cords. _______________________.
4. Compressed air designed for use with pnuematic tools can also be used for cleaning purposes as long as the PSI has been reduced to _______________ lbs or less.
5. It is acceptable to leave a fuel powered tool running while refilling if shutting down the fuel powered tool will reduce efficiency.
6. All abrasive wheels shall be closely inspected and _____________ tested before mounting.
7.Work rests on abrasive wheels may be adjusted while the wheel is in operation by a qualified person.
8. Hydraulic jacks for intermittent or constant use in a single location shall be inspected at least once every _____________ months.
9. Broken pulleys with cracks, or pieces broken out of the rims, shall not be used.
10. All power transmission equipment shall be inspected at intervals no exceeding ________________________ days.
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OSHA Regulations for Hand and Power Tools
Training Department
OSHA Regulations for Hand and Power Tools Test
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